Monday, November 23, 2009

Penang Bridge Fun Run 2009

Exam is finally OVER OVER OVER !!!!
gembiranya aku :p

My first time participating in the penang bridge run. Its kind of like a challenging task since i am super duper lousy in running.

Tak sampai 1km i think i will "terhegeh-hegeh" di tepi jalan d ^_^""" ( i swear )

there 4 of us at the starting point.
it was a HOT sauna in the crowd! gosh! belum lari already sweat like nobody's business.

From left : amy, hoon, me & 2ko

Its a hair fashion disaster!! ur hair will just not co-operate when u take pic :(
We were so lucky, the weather is simply breezey n cloudy enuf.

There were some drizzles during the race, free natural source toner for face!! or is it free hujan acid?? hahaha
But who cares??!! u just cant wait to reach the end point!
I suggested my aunt to pura-pura pengsan so that i can tumpang sekali in the ambulance, but its to no avail!! sigh....

Ur foot hurts, u r dying for water and short of oxygen!! phew!
We managed to finish within 1 n a half hour for 10km!!!!
c thats my HAPPY face when i saw the banana!!! yums

100 plus ambassadors!!! CHEERsss!!
Amy Hong & Lim Hooi Hoon

To those who missed the chance this year! dun hesitate to sign up next year round!
trust me it was GREAT *wink