Monday, August 31, 2009

Just for u

Its hard to say goodbye
by: Celion Dion ft Paul Anka

grab this songs frm honey. something to ponder upon.........

There's something in your eyes that's far too revealing
Why must it be like this a love without feelin'
Something wrong with you I know
I see it in your eyes
Believe me when I say
It's gonna be okay

I told you from the start I won't be demanding
I won't be demanding
If you have a change of heart I'll be understanding
I'll be understanding
When love becomes a broken heart and dreams begin to die
Believe me when I say
We'll work it out some way

Chorus* :

I'll never try to hold you back
I wouldn't try controlling you
If it's what you want
It's what I want
I want what's best for you
And if there's something else that you're looking for
I'll be the first to help you try
Believe me when I say
It's hard to say goodbye

We've lost that loving touch we used to feel so much
I try to hide the truth that's in my eyes
The love without feeling
But when I feel we're not in love, I know I'm losing you
Believe me when I say
We'll work it out some way

Repeat Chorus*

Don't say goodbye

If it's what you want
It's what I want
I want what's best for you

Repeat Chorus* 2x

p.s : i was blessed to have u. thank you :) hugs

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

happy burfday harney!

to my beloved honey hong!

happy belated b'day. may u hv a sweet sweet celebration n splendid year ahead!
just finished my assignment. more to go. gila la aku!

just for u!
gerakan kupu-kupu yang menyebabkan earthquake kat rumah... hehehe***

kids, dun try it at if i put the glasses pic with ur goldfish mouth, will u like it?

n attract correct bees alrite :p

love u always,
tua pui

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


let the pics narrate my celebrations!! it was superb!!

mula-mula :

my 2 aunties belanja me! but i made the request. syiok sendiri

this cake was from my coursemates!! its was our course MCA nite as well. kekekke

amy's coffee cake *wink

surprise frm hippo :) muacks

next, paddington!!! wooohooo

this cake was tasty. i dont know whether its we're hungry or the black forest was really ho-liao. hahaha

margarita's (salty, sweet-like, bitter-bits)

*bafoons gathering at sega

pau"z!! i was honoured that day. hh pick me up for breakfast (*actually i tak boleh bangun tidur) den they ambush my hs with cake.

eerene bought punya. eventually her taste-bud was good too!! hahahhaha

thank u guys so much for making my 22nd b'day a wonderful chapter to be remembered=)

lotsa loves n hugs frm me.
p/s: i heard my fren told me that ppl usually cut one cake once a year for their b'day. additional cake cut is equivalent to additional 10 years. i duno how true it that.
but guess how many i cut??? 4!! meaning i'm 22 +40 years old :S
despite that, i love cutting cakes n eat n that would also mean tambahnya 3 pounds in my body. countless calories n fats!! sobb sobbb

THANK U!!!!!!
cheerrssss, judy

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

wat the heck!!!!

how stupid am i!! i deleted my post!!!

phek chek!! trying my best to adjust the pix!! mana tau!!!

wat the shoooooot!!#%$!@**