Tuesday, May 3, 2016

To learn chinese drums

Deep down inside me i would like to try to play the Chinese drums. The thundering sound of the drum, played in synchronization really clear up my mind.

Have been procrastinating for long. Gotta execute it for good, post exam! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Back to Writing

Well well well, decided to do some writing finally.

Actually it's for a coursework i am working on. Tracking Google Analytics. Am retaking this exam, was trying to get a diploma on digital marketing - so i'm really feeling pressured!

Been ages since i last studied, like back in year 2010??? I hate the butterflies in my stomach, last minute revision and worse, i have no idea what am i studying on, feeling sick and sleepy whenever i flip through my notes :(

Sigh. Demotivated

Friday, June 4, 2010

1st week in India

Sorry for taking such a long time to update my blog! I really am :)

India is like my pre-graduation escapade!!! You guys might be laughing but this is the 1st time i had my own passport! no more group! ahahaa

Its different when you are far away from home. You gotta figure out everything yourself and I am going to finish it strong! :)

My first chop and it spell I.N.D.I.A!! :)

Thumbs up for the IAESTE programme! IAESTE stands for International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience in full. They provide students with related experience according to their courses and I personally feel its a good exposure.

Highly rated***

My first transit was in Singapore! I love the place so so much! Its so well equipped. And according to Yy its the 2nd best airport in the whole world or Asia? correct me if I am wrong kay

They have free internet excess. And its everywhere! Wii games too :P

The things I like the most is the free local call! ahaha I used it to call Ms. Lim
Cheapo like me, we make full use of the FOC and chat through the phone for quite some time ha? Sorry Yy, I made you walk here n there just to find out, we're totally at different place! :(
No popeye's fries and mash potato for me :/

Miss u** (things will get better... a bear hug for u)

At Bangalore (Bengaluru) airport! The security here were so strict! And I was stranded there for 7 hours! owh no!!! Its unamusing......draggy....

Fyi, India was 2hours and 30min earlier compared to M'sia. So I won some time here. haha

My total luggage was 22.32 kg! And I was carrying it all the time! :(

Tadaa!!! From Mangalore, I was picked up to MIT (Manipal Institute Of Technology)
My hostel (front view)

My single room with private toilet :)

For one more day, then I would need to shift to another place. Sobs.....

The chief warden of Block 13. So cool huh?

The food court. It has interesting structure. On the side view, it was actually a book with the pages opened

All the newbies! :)Love them!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March :)

I'm back. Instead of reminiscing what i've been doing since last year (2009), lets just recall what's up this month.

n guess wat?? i think this is the month with most of my friend's b'day :)

p/s : phew, big holes everywhere.. hahaha
Yang pertama sekali, kawanku Cik Jane (kiri) dan Cik Wong:miss bollywood yang cun sangat (kanan)
The second one is even funnier! Fantastic 4! and to kok quin : i actually wanna post the silly pic of u. but since its ur b'day.. i bagi chance :P
And all of them are "Tan..s" EXCEPT u, aunty chow :P
Follow up, the innocent n sweet look of ms C'hng :) more to see at http://http://simplyeeleen.blogspot.com/2010/03/sore.html
Ee and Angela at Harvest Inn. It was super PACKED!!!! but we love the b'day song rite? loud and clear.... hahaha
Alas, the final 3 contestant!!!! Ceci, Sheena n Jia!
Happie Burfday to all my darlings!!!!
Its just a little corner that i hope it will bring you guys an extra share of laughter and happiness :) cheers!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SeMesTer BreaK

guess wat hv i been doing during my semester break?
i've been such a good girl. going to school every freaking day :/


because of u my hp to drop into a bucket of dirty water :(
because of u i have so many cuts on my fingers
because of u my hands turn rough n the worse is the damn PIMPLES!!!! (try singing it with Kelly Clarkson's Because of You tune)

owh gawd.....a horrible start off week.
so ppl, my contacts are all gone! smart ass like me just couldnt be bothered to BACK UP n shit! - nasi sudah jadi bubur :(
byk sad stories last week! my feelings were just very -ve -ve -ve !!

turning over a new leaf !
this week was so so much better :)
finally i can put a smile on my face! n giggles too!!! kekekeke..

went to the famous pasar malam with my sistas !! kita gelak macam hantu! hahaha
everybody was wondering who was that? having such an ear-sore laugh!
but who cares!!! we're having a blast! (lok-lok n goreng chicken) yumssss....

n for movie updates: Si Puteri dan Si Katak is finally OUT!!

puas i tunggu.. berbulan-bulan (exaggerate abit)

but i am very excited! super excited!! caramellos*

Summary : Set in the city of New Orleans, featuring a beautiful girl named Tiana and a frog, prince Naveen who desperatelywants to be human again, and a fateful kiss that leads them both on an adventure through the mystical bayous of Louisiana.

i love girls with copper skin (pocahontas!)
they potray an athelete n outgoing look - lovely* splendid*
i'ma gonna update u guys soon, À la prochaine!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Penang Bridge Fun Run 2009

Exam is finally OVER OVER OVER !!!!
gembiranya aku :p

My first time participating in the penang bridge run. Its kind of like a challenging task since i am super duper lousy in running.

Tak sampai 1km i think i will "terhegeh-hegeh" di tepi jalan d ^_^""" ( i swear )

there 4 of us at the starting point.
it was a HOT sauna in the crowd! gosh! belum lari already sweat like nobody's business.

From left : amy, hoon, me & 2ko

Its a hair fashion disaster!! ur hair will just not co-operate when u take pic :(
We were so lucky, the weather is simply breezey n cloudy enuf.

There were some drizzles during the race, free natural source toner for face!! or is it free hujan acid?? hahaha
But who cares??!! u just cant wait to reach the end point!
I suggested my aunt to pura-pura pengsan so that i can tumpang sekali in the ambulance, but its to no avail!! sigh....

Ur foot hurts, u r dying for water and short of oxygen!! phew!
We managed to finish within 1 n a half hour for 10km!!!!
c thats my HAPPY face when i saw the banana!!! yums

100 plus ambassadors!!! CHEERsss!!
Amy Hong & Lim Hooi Hoon

To those who missed the chance this year! dun hesitate to sign up next year round!
trust me it was GREAT *wink

Friday, October 30, 2009

grab from see khoon!

They asked, "how does it feel to love someone who loves someone else?"

After a deep breath, I answered, "It's like hugging a cactus, the tighter you embrace, the more it hurts..."

wat do ya think :)