Friday, October 30, 2009

grab from see khoon!

They asked, "how does it feel to love someone who loves someone else?"

After a deep breath, I answered, "It's like hugging a cactus, the tighter you embrace, the more it hurts..."

wat do ya think :)


  1. i guess it's very true what u answer...

  2. JUDY HONG!!! wanna charge u d...hahaha

  3. jamie : no. i just directly cut n paste! if i were that smart

    sk : u dun so kejam to me la! i already dicucuk cactus!! lols.. post more funny quotes. i purposely write there i take frm u!!! meaning it was ur copyright!! lols

  4. See Khoon also curi from ppl, dare to charge ppl some more....ZZZzzz

    dicucuk cactus nia, i kena atomic bomb, lagi teruk dari nagasaki and hiroshima