Sunday, March 28, 2010

March :)

I'm back. Instead of reminiscing what i've been doing since last year (2009), lets just recall what's up this month.

n guess wat?? i think this is the month with most of my friend's b'day :)

p/s : phew, big holes everywhere.. hahaha
Yang pertama sekali, kawanku Cik Jane (kiri) dan Cik Wong:miss bollywood yang cun sangat (kanan)
The second one is even funnier! Fantastic 4! and to kok quin : i actually wanna post the silly pic of u. but since its ur b'day.. i bagi chance :P
And all of them are "Tan..s" EXCEPT u, aunty chow :P
Follow up, the innocent n sweet look of ms C'hng :) more to see at http://
Ee and Angela at Harvest Inn. It was super PACKED!!!! but we love the b'day song rite? loud and clear.... hahaha
Alas, the final 3 contestant!!!! Ceci, Sheena n Jia!
Happie Burfday to all my darlings!!!!
Its just a little corner that i hope it will bring you guys an extra share of laughter and happiness :) cheers!!!


  1. apa silly pic?? i have NO silly pic!! =P

    hehe... thank you judy!! *hugs*

  2. omg judy! i just saw this post! 4 months overdue! HAHAHAHA
    i love youuuuu! x