Friday, June 4, 2010

1st week in India

Sorry for taking such a long time to update my blog! I really am :)

India is like my pre-graduation escapade!!! You guys might be laughing but this is the 1st time i had my own passport! no more group! ahahaa

Its different when you are far away from home. You gotta figure out everything yourself and I am going to finish it strong! :)

My first chop and it spell I.N.D.I.A!! :)

Thumbs up for the IAESTE programme! IAESTE stands for International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience in full. They provide students with related experience according to their courses and I personally feel its a good exposure.

Highly rated***

My first transit was in Singapore! I love the place so so much! Its so well equipped. And according to Yy its the 2nd best airport in the whole world or Asia? correct me if I am wrong kay

They have free internet excess. And its everywhere! Wii games too :P

The things I like the most is the free local call! ahaha I used it to call Ms. Lim
Cheapo like me, we make full use of the FOC and chat through the phone for quite some time ha? Sorry Yy, I made you walk here n there just to find out, we're totally at different place! :(
No popeye's fries and mash potato for me :/

Miss u** (things will get better... a bear hug for u)

At Bangalore (Bengaluru) airport! The security here were so strict! And I was stranded there for 7 hours! owh no!!! Its unamusing......draggy....

Fyi, India was 2hours and 30min earlier compared to M'sia. So I won some time here. haha

My total luggage was 22.32 kg! And I was carrying it all the time! :(

Tadaa!!! From Mangalore, I was picked up to MIT (Manipal Institute Of Technology)
My hostel (front view)

My single room with private toilet :)

For one more day, then I would need to shift to another place. Sobs.....

The chief warden of Block 13. So cool huh?

The food court. It has interesting structure. On the side view, it was actually a book with the pages opened

All the newbies! :)Love them!


  1. 1) my friend said changi is the #1 airport in the world. not sure is it true.
    2) u memang sampat. somemore shouted "I'M AT COFFEE BEAN LAH, LIM YING YAN!" i will remember u.
    3) hug back!
    4) glad that u have awesome friends over there. take care and keep in touch, darling! ♥

  2. yy: i am so tired. just feel like going home :)
    hugs* i'll go visit u one day! for sure!